Frown I Brown

« Frown-I-Brown started initially as a side project of the fierce « WILD BOAR & BULL Brass Band », but took an independent direction very soon because of its distinct dark and dirty 70s colors in the sometimes laidback and now and then rocklike grooves. Herb felt the need to start off this project as a reaction to a disappearing of those ever swinging funk and jazzsamples in hiphop music nowadays. He wanted to show his tiny country how hiphop sounded when he was listening to it back in the 90s… but with real musicians instead, no DJ. The result is this… a line up which leaves enough space for the effects and solos to leave a crowd flappergasted by those bad mothergrooves… »

[Source :, Photo : Denis Danze]

Laurent Vigneron « Lorenzo Vigneroni »: drums / Dorian Palos « DeLorean, da wing door bass »: bass  / Alex  Davidson « Sir Al »: flute / Herbert Celis « Herb Cells da mic jagga »: lyrics

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